GraphMasters 6

Shanghai, China, January 21 - 22, 2013

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General information

The GraphMasters workshops is a series of informal meetings of small groups of researchers working on various recent developments and open problems in Graph Theory. A particular GraphMasters meeting is usually concerned with just a small number of related open problems. The workshop is by invitation only. The first meeting of the GraphMasters series occurred in ITB Bandung, Indonesia on 18th - 19th December, 2010.


  • Mirka Miller, University of Newcastle, Australia
    University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic
    King's College, London, UK
  • Prabhu Manyem, Shanghai University, China
  • Liying Kang, Shanghai University, China

Participants and Talks

  • Brian Alspach, University of Newcastle: The Coxeter Group Project: A progress report
  • Ljiljana Brankovic, University of Newcastle: Mathematics of Privacy
  • Yuqing Lin, University of Newcastle: Enumerating Progressive Reaction Digraphs
  • Mirka Miller, University of Newcastle & King's College London & UWB Pilsen: Construction of Large Networks
  • Joe Ryan, University of Newcastle: An Eccentric Look at Graphs and Digraphs
  • Yaokun Wu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Hamiltonian connectedness and thick Hamiltonian orderings of graphs and interval graphs
Abstracts of talks. All presentations will be held in Room G-507, Baoshan Campus.



This series of workshops is a joint initiative of the Graph Theory and Applications Research Group(GTA), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and CARMA, Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, both within the University of Newcastle, Australia, and Department of Mathematics, Shanghai University.

Mirka Miller, Joe Ryan
Email:   mirka.miller[at], joe.ryan[at]