Current Postgraduate Research Students
Completed PhD Students
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Current Postgraduate Research Students

Hebert Perez-Roses, Extremal Graph Theory
Oudone Phanalasy, Combinatorics
Kim Marshall, Investigating Properties of Dynamic Networks

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Completed PhD Students

Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio, "Improving upper and lower bounds on the order of large graphs under degree and distance constraints", PhD, 2009, (now lecturer, University of Ballarat)
Jian Min Tang, "Variations of Classical Extremal Graph-Theoretical Problems: Moore Bound and Connectivity", PhD, 2009, (co-supervised with Yuqing Lin) (now casual Tutor, The University of Newcastle)
Dafik, "Structural Properties and Labeling of Graphs", PhD, 2009 (co-supervised with Martin Baca) (now Senior Lecturer, University of Jember, Indonesia)
Nacho Lopez, "Contribucion al Estudio de Excentricidades en Grafos Dirigidos", PhD, 2008 (co-supervised with Joan Gimbert) (now Lecturer, University of Lleida, Spain)
Jakub Teska, "Graphs with Bounded Degree", PhD, 2008 (co-supervised with Zdenek Ryjacek) (now Lecturer, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic)
Geoff Skinner, "Mobile Agent Computing", PhD, 2007 (co-supervised with Liz Chang) (now Lecturer, The University of Newcastle, Australia)
Kiki Ariyanti Sugeng, "Magic and Antimagic Labeling of Graphs", PhD, 2006 (now Senior Lecturer, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Hoang Minh Nguyen, "Interconnection Topologies for Low-Cost Networks" PhD, 2005 (now Tibco Operations Specialist, Ericsson, Australia)
Yus M. Cholily "Large Directed Graphs" PhD, 2005 (co-supervised with Edy Baskoro) (now Lecturer, UMM Malang, Indonesia)
Yuqing Lin, "Topology and Connectivity of Networks" PhD, 2004 (now Lecturer, The University of Newcastle, Australia)
Rinovia Simanjuntak, "Distance Related Problems in Graph Theory" PhD, 2003 (now Senior Lecturer, ITB Bandung, Indonesia)
Slamin, "Diregularity of Digraphs Close to Moore Bound" PhD, 2002 (now Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Computer Centre, University of Jember, Indonesia )
Martin Sutton, "Summable Graph Labelings and their Applications" PhD, 2001 (now Senior Lecturer, The University of Newcastle, Australia)
Ljiljana Brankovic, "Usability of Secure Statistical Database" PhD, 1998 (now Associate Professor, The University of Newcastle)
Paul Manuel, "Sequential and Parallel Algorithms on Balanced Graphs" PhD, 1997 (now Associate Professor, Kuwait University, Kuwait )
Edy Tri Baskoro, "Optimal Interconnection Networks" PhD, 1996 (now Full Professor, ITB Bandung, Indonesia)

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Completed Research Masters Students

Slamin, "Graph Labeling", M.Comp.Sc., 1998 (went on to PhD)
Govindarajan Seshadri, "Security of Statistical Databases" M.Sci.Stud., 1993 (now Vice President of IT, HSBC, New York, USA)

Max Hay
, "Object Orientation in Relational Database Systems" 1992 (retired)
Zhupeng Feng, "Data Integrity and Nulls in Relational Databases", M.Sc., 1991(deceased)
Ray Duncan, "Database Integrity", M.Litt., 1990 (went on to do PhD at UQ)
Keith Cronk, "System Development Methodologies" 1990 (went on to do PhD at UQ, now Associate Professor, Vice-President of Information Technology Services, Harding University, USA )
Edy Tri Baskoro, "Optimal Directed Networks" 1990 (went on to PhD)

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